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    The name of Delope has derived from Kurdish origin meaning a drop (Dripping) and hence the appearance of the spoon is designed in accordance with the meaning of Delope that resembles the drip that is cut from edge of the surface.
    Delope is completely Bio-based and chemical free which makes it environmentally friendly. The bio-based means using the new generation of bio polymers that made of cornstarch (as the base) and other additives such as honey wax, glutens and … The general benefits of these kinds of polymers are compostability in nature and also no chemical reaction ( releasing monomers or free radicals that contribute to the increased risk of cancer in humans) in dealing with indirect heat such as boiling water (80-90 ‘c).

    Performance and unique features of delope:
    Due to the characteristics of the material and structure, delope benefits:
    - Playing the role of spoon to stir ingredients and herbs in liquids ( water) with other add-ons
    - No dripping after using
    - Lack of environmental emission and absorption in nature.
    - Applicable in dosing for certain medicines used in pharmaceutical industry.
    - Can be used for medical supplements and vitamins
    - Suitable for hot and cold ingredient in beverages
    - Easy to use and doesn’t occupy space.

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    Black Tea

    Delope pure instant black tea, made with selection of best tea leaves...

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    Green Tea

    Delope pure instant green tea, made with selection of best fresh Iranian tea leaves...

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    Instant Coffee

    Delope instant coffee, made from best coffee beans in compostable spoons

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  • About Us!

         In year 2009, Noushan Gol Persia was registered (reg # 427) as a private joint stock company for innovation in creating and producing a new generation of instant tea, coffee and also herbal beverages under the name of " Delope".
    The structure of Delope utilizes natural materials as well as corn starch is produced based on biodegradability and already introduced to market with national patent no. 389110032 and placed at their disposal.
    This company benefits from equipment and complete facilities as well as machinery and R&D department to create a vast variety of special herbal ingredients that has useful properties to maintain physical health, nerves and digestive system and eventually keeping the environment clean in advance.
    After initial sampling and testing by laboratory over the ingredients for the primary production, the final product will get released after passes all the required tests and trials by the Food and Drug Organization and also the national standard organization.
    In this regard with honor the company succeeded in obtaining domestic and international certificates and approvals, including the national standard certification, ISO: 9001, ISO: 2200, ISO: 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the FDA registration.

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    Block 2707, 3rd Golchehr, West Mollasadra Boulevard, Eshtehard Industial city, Eshtehard, Alborz





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  • Instant Coffee

           The benefits of daily drinking of Coffee:
    Drinking 2 to 4 cups of coffee per day is moderate and helpful. Moderate drinking of coffee lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. New researches suggest that antioxidants available in coffee (also present in Tea) would prevent brain cells damages and even reduce the risk of brain cancer. The continuous drinking of coffee (up to 4 cups a day) reduces the risk of type II diabetes; other studies show that chance of heart attack in those who do not drink coffee at all is higher than those who drink coffee moderately.
    Other studies recommend that daily and continuous drinking of coffee would reduce the chance of liver cancer by 43% and reduces risk of gallstone disease and depression.
    Note: Though drinking up to 4 cups of coffee per day is beneficial but drinking more than 5 cups a day is not recommended at all.

  • Instant Green Tea

          Ancient Chinese were aware of benefits of green tea and were using it for medical purposes especially for treatment of headaches and depressions. The benefits of green tea have been in center of focus since old times, It is even told that tea is a better beverage even than water.
    Black and green tea both comes from the same plants, and they differ in the way they are produced.
    Green tea is helpful in MS treatment,
    It's useful for cancer prevention and treatment,
    It's helpful in Parkinson and Alzheimer treatment,
    It increases body metabolism and fat oxidation.
    It decreases the likelihood of having heart diseases and attacks by lowering the chance of clots formation, it also lowers the development of esophageal cancer chance.
    Drinking green tea stops the growth of cancer cells and increases the level of HDL to LDL.
    It is used to treat Rheumatoid arthritis and heart diseases.
    It is useful to improve body immune system.
    Some researchers believe, by drinking green tea regularly, prevention in tooth decay by Omitting bacteria is expected.
    It improves concentration and thinking abilities.
    It is sedative and takes away stresses.
    It leads to weight loss in fat people.

  • Instant Tea

          Though, today drinking regular tea as a hot drink is very popular, but it must be considered that apart from being a beverage, tea as a main herb, has many properties.
    Given the history of tea and high rate of consumptions, thousands of researches have been done on that which show the importance of this valuable plant.
    Till now, up to 51 different effects of tea have been reported, those are:
    Analgesic, anti-amoeba, anti-Alzheimer's, anti-arthritic, anti-atherosclerosis Shrabyn, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-depressants, anti-blood sugar, Anti-inflammatory, anti-mutation, anti-nitrosamine, anti-oxidant, anti-spasmodic, anti-virus, astringent, stimulant to central nervous system, diuretic, liver protector, lowering blood pressure, stimulating the immune system, lowering lipid, lowering triglycerides and respiratory tract irritant.
    The above properties are common in black and green tea, and depending on the quantity of different substances in them, those effects could be different.
    If tea be drunk in a rational rate, it will be helpful to the health but sometimes false facts are said about tea, those are denied by results of studies and researches. For instance, it's said that tea decays tooth, or it hurts heart, or drinking it is harmful and it must be given up ...

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